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Dr. Eric Woodroof




Helping thousands of professionals... save billions in energy expenses.  

Dr. Eric Woodroof is passionate about saving energy and helping our environment.  He provides insights on practical, guaranteed ways to do energy management in seminars/keynotes all over the world.  These ideas help his clients improve profits while also helping the planet!

He has received Department of Energy Awards and is the youngest member ever inducted into: 

  • The Energy Manager Hall of Fame (Association of Energy Engineers),

  • The College of Engineering's Hall of Fame at Oklahoma State University. 

    • He also is a recipient of the Lohmann Medal, which is the college's highest honor for contributions to the field

Since founding PGS in 1995, Dr. Woodroof has identified/developed energy projects that are financially attractive, thereby making businesses more cost-competitive and “green”.  As a strategic advisor, project developer, expert witness, trainer and keynote speaker, Dr. Woodroof openly shares best practices via several books, 100+ published articles and other media.  He has created certifications and training programs which are endorsed by countries on 6 continents.  As shown in the photos below, he has represented the industry in discussions with former US presidents and other leaders.

Dr. Woodroof has trained thousands of professionals, who are now saving billions in avoided energy expenses and global pollution. He continually learns from working with these professionals, and he brings this collective knowledge back to his clients and students during his seminars and keynotes.

Dr. Woodroof also served as President of the Association of Energy Engineers, which has over 19,000 members in over 90 countries.  He has served on several certification boards and editorial boards before becoming the Chairman of the Energy Management Professional Council.  During the past decade, he has helped over 250 college students get scholarships and exposure to employers.

In the photos below, Dr. Woodroof discusses energy issues with President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, Sec. Condoleezza Rice, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Colin Powell, Alexandra Cousteau and T. Boone Pickens at various energy conferences.


  • Lead Instructor & Editor - Certified Energy Manager Program (2019-Present)

    • CEM Instructor and Train the Trainer (2008-Present)

    • Instructed the first Certified Energy Manager Programs & Trained Local Trainers in South America, The Caribbean, The Philippines, China, Taiwan, Australia, Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka and Central Asia (2008-Present)

    • Certification Board Member - Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Program (1999 - 2013)

  • Chairman of the Energy Management Professional Council (2015-Present)

  • Past President - Association of Energy Engineers (19,000 Members in 90 Countries)

  • Creator and Certification Board Chairman - Performance Contracting and Project Funding Program (2014-Present)

  • Creator and Certification Board Chairman - Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM) Program (2007-2017)

    • Introduced the first Carbon Reduction Manager Programs in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America

  • Advisory Board Member- Certified Energy Management Practitioner Program for ISO 50001 (2011-2016)

  • Certification Board Member- Certified Energy Auditor Program (2015-Present)

  • Editorial Board Member - Buildings Magazine (2013-Present)

  • Associate Editor - Energy Engineering Journal (2009-Present)

  • Associate Editor - Strategic Planning for Energy and Environment (2011-Present)

  • AEE College Scholarship Foundation Chair (2011-2013)

  • Board Member - International Certification Board - Association of Energy Engineers (2009-2012)

  • Over 100 Publications on How to Implement More Cost-Reduction/Environmental Projects

  • Six Sigma Blackbelt Training for Quality Sales Processes & Ideation

  • Triathlete, Private Pilot, Advanced Open Water Diver,

  • Quartermaster Award  in Sea Scouts (Eagle Scout)

  • Former Captain of UCSB and OSU Sailing Teams



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