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1-Minute Keynote Overview


Dr. Eric Woodroof's experiences from 6 continents will excite your audience.  This Hall of Fame member simplifies complex concepts into clear, actionable practices that attendees can apply for immediate benefits.  Watch the 1 Minute Overview and Discover what Dr. Woodroof can do for your group.

Sample of Popular Keynote Topics:

  • Global Energy, Sustainability and Market Trends;

  • Leadership & Working with Presidents;

  • Psychology of Selling the Hardest Commodity;

  • Cost Effectively Removing the Barriers to Sustainability;

  • How to Gain Approval for Energy Projects;

  • The Secret Benefits of Energy Conservation;

  • Energy Success Stories from around the World;

  • Hot Topics, Horror Stories & Pictures from the Field;

  • Secret Benefits and Tax Breaks that make a difference;

  • Energy and Financing Best Practices;


A custom-tailored talk for your audience.


  • "Many attendees commented that the information and resources presented by Dr. Woodroof were the most valuable take aways from the event!" - CLEAResult

  • "Drew the most attendees at our conference, with standing room only." -Hawaiian Energy

  • "According to surveys at the end of our event, Woodroof's presentation was the highest ranked." -Automated Logic

Below: Dr. Woodroof discusses energy issues with President George W. Bush, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, President Bill Clinton, Sec. Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Alexandra Cousteau and T. Boone Pickens at various energy conferences.

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