Energy management training with Profitable Green Solutions.


We have trained over 20,000 professionals, who are now saving billions in avoided energy expenses and waste.  Please Read our clients' comments.

Virtual (highly interactive) Training is also now available!

Training that Saves our Clients Billions...

We prepare and deliver the cutting-edge training for Utilities, ESCOs, Corporations and Governments.  Popular Topics include:

  • Energy Audits and Advanced Techniques;

  • Energy Management Best Practices (Ways to Save $$):

    • Lighting, Motors, Maintenance, Boilers, HVAC, Utility Rate Analysis, and many other Cost-Saving Methods;​

  • Net Present Value / Life Cycle Costing Methods;

  • How to Present Projects and Get Approval;

  • Global Energy and Climate Market Trends;

  • Sustainability Success Stories and Reporting Practices;

  • Energy Project Financing Options;

  • Performance Contracting Best Practices;

  • Secret Benefits and Tax Breaks that make a Big Difference;

  • HOT Topics in Energy as well as Pitfalls to Avoid.

Contact us and we will develop a program specialized to your needs.  We Guarantee your attendees will get useful tools and be ready to deliver immediate results to your bottom line. 


  • "I loved the whole program.  It helped us improve profits" -Johnson Controls

  • "The audience was well satisfied with the event and we continue to draw upon the resources and information provided." - American Electric Power

Dr. Woodroof has also provided Free, Self-Paced Training to help you with fundamentals and improve your results.

Dr. Eric Woodroof inspires many with his stories from around the world, and his ability to translate the complex into simple concepts.