Dr. Woodroof, (who has worked all over the world) explains some of the best techniques for selling energy management projects. These "best sellers" help projects get approved.  This is truly a unique combination of tools, insights and inspiration, that can help you become a top performer. 

Key Benefits: 

  1. Saves Time...Most of these instructional videos require only 5 minutes per topic!

  2. Learn Anywhere...Instantly Download or Stream to any computer, phone, tablet.

  3. Incredible Value from Dr. Woodroof. 


Videos Included in this Series:

  • Energy Sales Tips Overview (6 min)

  • Presenting Simple Payback vs Return on Investment (2.5 min)

  • Non-Utility Benefits of Energy Conservation (7.5 min)

  • Energy Projects Increase Real Estate Values (3 min)

  • Presenting Rewards vs Penalties (3.5 min)

  • Identifying and Selling Soft Benefits with WSGAT Technique (9 min)


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energy keynote speaker, Dr. Eric Woodroof