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energy efficiency training

Dr. Woodroof, (who has helped thousands of people pass energy manager exams) has recorded short, informal webinars to visually explain complex energy concepts...quickly. These are some of the "training notes" that he uses with live audiences world-wide. 

Key Benefits: 

  1. Saves Time...Most of these instructional videos require only 5 minutes per topic!

  2. Master Concepts Anywhere...Download or Stream to any computer, phone, tablet.

  3. Thousands in Value... directly from Dr. Woodroof 

Videos Included in this Series:

  • Net Present Value Concept (3.5 min)

  • NPV Part II- Moving Money through Time using Conversion Tables (7.5 min)

  • Preparing for an Energy Audit (4 min)

  • Conducting a Level I Audit (4 min)

  • Electric Bills Part I- Basics (5.5 min)

  • Electric Bills Part II- Power Factor-KVA-KVAR Penalties (5 min)

  • Electric Bills Part III- kW Ratchet Penalties (4.5 min)

  • Lighting Basics (7.5 min)

  • Electric Motor Basics (5.5 min)

  • Coefficient of Performance-SEER-HSPF (4 min)

  • Psychrometric Chart Applications for Energy Management (9.5 min)

  • HVAC Heat Flow Equations (5.5 min)

  • Steam Table Basics (8 min)

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