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  • Eric Woodroof


  • "Overall- our buildings have saved over 26% via energy efficiency upgrades." -President, Citizens National Bank

  • "On the first day of the audit, they identified very practical ways that will save money and make us more profitable." -Brud Drachman, Executive Vice President, Price Smart

  • "Very Useful and touched on many different topics - all good for energy consciousness." -Ford

  • "This type of information is very useful". -Director of Strategy, IBM

  • "Dr. Woodroof gives a clear picture of past history, present regulations, regulations presently being debated, and what organizations can most likely expect in the future." -Executive VP Engineering, Armada Companies

  • "The audience was well satisfied with the event and we continue to draw upon the resources and information provided." - Manager of Energy Efficiency, American Electric Power

  • "According to surveys at the end of our event, Dr. Woodroof's presentation was the highest ranked." -Automated Logic

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