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Eric Woodroof, Ph.D.

For more than 20 years, Eric A. Woodroof, Ph.D., has helped over 400 organizations and governments save over $150 million in energy expenses.  He identifies and develops projects that have high rates of return or immediate cash flow, thereby making businesses more cost-competitive and “green”.  Dr. Woodroof is a recognized authority on energy management, carbon emissions, financing, performance contracting and selling projects.  He is often used to provide independent counsel on contracts and projects.  Dr. Woodroof has served on several certification boards and he is also the youngest member of the Energy Manager's Hall of Fame. 

Woodroof is known for his leadership in the energy industry and has shared best practices via several books, numerous articles and other media.  Dr. Woodroof has created internationally-recognized energy, finance and carbon management training programs, which are endorced by regions as diverse as Hong Kong, South Africa, Chile and the Middle East.  He has trained thousands of professionals, who are now saving billions in avoided energy expenses and global pollution. Woodroof believes that teaching is a "two-way street", and he learns a lot from working with these professionals... bringing this collective knowledge back to his clients.   

Dr. Woodroof served as the 2011 President of the Association of Energy Engineers, which has over 16,000 members in  over 90 countries.  He is the Chairman of the Board for the Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM) program and served as a Board Member of the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Program from 1999-2013. He is a CEM instructor and major contributor to the CEM course content.  In 2014, he became the Chairman of the Performance Contracting and Funding Board, and developed the curriculum for that certification.  In 2015, Woodroof was chosen to become the Chairman of the Energy Management Professional Council and will lead the selection committee for future Hall of Fame inductees.  During the past decade, he has personally helped over 250 college students get scholarships and exposure to employers.

Dr. Woodroof is a strategic advisor, project developer, expert witness, trainer and keynote speaker.  In the photos below, Dr. Woodroof discusses energy issues with President Bill Clinton, Secretary Condollezza Rice, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and T. Boone Pickens at different energy conferences.


Dr. Woodroof can be reached at 888-563-7221...Ext 101.   Eric{at}



  • Chairman of the Energy Management Professional Council (2015-Present)
  • Industrial Engineering & Management Alumni Award (2015)
  • Inducted into Energy Managers Hall of Fame (2014)
  • Past President - Association of Energy Engineers (17,000 Members in 90 Countries)
  • Certification Board Chairman and Creator - Performance Contracting and Project Funding Program (2014-Present)
  • Certification Board Chairman and Creator - Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM) Program (2007-Present)
  • Certification Board Member- Certified Energy Auditor Program (2015-Present)
  • Editorial Board Member - Buildings Magazine (2013-Present)
  • Associate Editor - Strategic Planning for Energy and Environment (2011-Present)
  • AEE College Scholarship Foundation Chair (2011-2013)
  • Certification Board Member - Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Program (1999 - 2013)
  • Instructed the first Certified Energy Manager Programs in South America, The Caribbean, The Phillippines, China, Taiwan, Australia, Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Central Asia (2007-Present)
  • Board Member - International Certification Board - Association of Energy Engineers (2009-2012)
  • Associate Editor - Energy Engineering Journal (2009-Present)
  • Introduced the first Certified Carbon Auditor Program in Hong Kong - May 2008
  • Introduced the first Carbon Reduction Manager Programs in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America
  • Saved Millions/year for clients including: IBM, Verizon, US Public Health Service, Ford, GM, Hertz, Visteon, Manufacturing Facilities, International Airports, International Governments, Local Municipalities and Universities.
  • Developed Best Practices for a Fortune 75 Company, Won Customer Satisfaction Awards
  • Over 100 Publications on How to Implement More Cost-Reduction/Environmental Projects
  • Served on Mayor’s Performance Review Team of Several Cities
  • Six Sigma Blackbelt Training for Quality Sales Processes & Ideation
  • Triathlete, Private Pilot, Advanced Open Water Diver,
  • Quartermaster Award (Eagle Scout)
  • Former Captain of UCSB and OSU Sailing Teams



  • Energy Manager's Hall of Fame
  • Honorary Fellow of the Association of Energy Engineers
  • Association of Energy Engineers International Award Winner 2012
  • Honorary Fellow - Institute of Green Professionals
  • Recipient of Presidential Fellowship for Energy, Water & the Environment '95-'98
  • Phi Kappa Phi National Academic Honor Society



  • Certified Energy Manager
  • Certified Performance Contracting and Funding Professional
  • Certified Carbon Reduction Manager




1998 Ph.D.Industrial Engineering (Energy & Environment Emphasis)

1995 M.S. Environmental Sciences (GPA = 4.0)

1992 B.S. Physics



  • Numerous publications in Magazine, Energy Manager Today, Business Energy, Environmental Leader as well as other trade journals.
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  • Woodroof, E. (2012)"Energy Conservation Also Yields: Capital, Operations, Recognition and Environmental Benefits... which are Probable and Worth a Double-Digit Improvement to Energy Savings"Energy Engineering, Vol. 109 (5).
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  • Woodroof, E. and Turner, W. (1997) “Financial Arrangements for Energy Management Projects”, Energy Engineering, Vol. 95(3), pp. 23-71.  Also presented at the 1997 World Energy Engineering Congress, Atlanta.
  • Wingender, J. and Woodroof, E., (1997) “When Firms Publicize Energy Management Projects Their Stock Prices Go Up: How High? – As Much as 21.33% within 150 days of an Announcement”, Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment, Vol. 17(1), pp. 38-51.Also presented at the 1997 Energy Business Forum, New Orleans, LA June 26-27, 1997. Also Published by Ukrainian Energy Service Companies.
  • Woodroof, E. (1997) “Lighting Retrofits: Don’t Forget About Maintenance”, Energy Engineering, 94(1) pp. 59-68. Also presented at 1996 International Energy and Environmental Conference, Milwaukee, WI
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  • Woodroof, E. and Christenson, C., (1995) “Integrating Energy, Waste and Productivity in a DOE Industrial Assessment Center”, presented at the 1995 World Energy Engineering Congress, Atlanta, GA


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